15 tools every digital marketer should have in their toolbox

Digital Marketing Tools

Digital Marketing Tools

The landscape of Digital Marketing is ever evolving. The right tech stack can have bolster growth and boost productivity.

Moreover, your competition may already be taking advantage of these modern tools leaving you behind. But there’s a catch – the sheer plethora of software that is available.

To help you out we have created a comprehensive indispensable list of digital marketing tools including both free and paid options.

1. HubSpot

HubSpot is a powerful tool for marketers. HubSpot CRM offers rich contact management and even a live chat option. They have a new email marketing addon as well which allows you to send up to 2000 emails/month for free, and easy drag-drop email builder and free templates.

The best part is that their new email marketing offering integrates with all other HubSpot products and other third-party services. This reduces complexity for your team and helps you focus on work rather than figuring our integrations.

Hubspot CRM and Email Marketing

Hubspot CRM and Email Marketing

2. PushAlert Web Push and Onsite Messaging

PushAlert provides you a way to build your own audience. In today’s changing times, it is imperative to own your audience and keep them engaged. With web push notifications, you can easily convert your website visitors into loyal subscribers as it doesn’t require any personal information. PushAlert also provides advanced ecommerce automation with abandoned cart drip campaign, shipment and order notifications, along with price drop and back in-stock notifications.

Web Push notifications offer 3X more conversions compared to email and have better visibility. They are inherently more powerful with auto-expiration, inbuilt encryption and impossible to fake subscriptions.

PushAlert - Web Push Notifications

PushAlert – Web Push Notifications

While web push notifications help you get users back to your website, PushAlert also offers you a way to interact with your online audience. Using Onsite Messaging popups you can talk to your online customers and keep them engaged while boosting conversions. With our exit intent and nudge technologies you can convert users who are on the brink, gamify your site with spin-wheels and countdown timers. Use A/B Testing you can improve your campaigns without any guess work.

PushAlert’s Onsite Messaging offers deep user targeting based on their onsite behavior including reaching out to first time shoppers, returning buyers, inactivity detection, scroll triggers and time based popups. You can also leverage your own CRM data to target users with specific campaigns allowing endless personalization. All this is made possible with an easy to use Smart Builder with over 50 Pro templates built-in.

PushAlert - OnSite Messaging

PushAlert – OnSite Messaging

3. Sprout Social / Hootsuite

Sprout social is a social media powerhouse. It lets you post to multiple social media platforms at once and the best part is that you can track all analytics within its dashboard. You don’t have to jump to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to check engagement, all that can be done directly from within Sprout Social.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Another similar offering is Hootsuite and offers similar features. You can store content on the cloud, ready to be posted anytime, which can also be shared between team members. Similar to Sprout Social, you can also measure conversions, engagement and ROI from within the Hootsuite dashboard. It is a powerful cloud offering which also lets you track public discourse on a particular keyword/brand name right from within their app.



4. Optimonk

Optimonk allows you to segment users and target them with popups at the right time. You can create campaigns to target new users and returning users alike. It offers a ton of customizable templates with an easy to use interface.

You can also use behavior based targeting to avoid disrupting user journey on your website.

Optimonk - Popup Builder

Optimonk – Popup Builder

5. Unbounce

Unbounce lets you create landing pages without any coding. If you run PPC campaigns, a landing page can make or break conversions. With A/B testing, easy to use interface and tons of templates you can get started with your first landing page in minutes.

Landing pages created on Unbounce are optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. Moreover, it features over 120 integrations with third-party apps to easily add landing pages to any platform. Their analytics also help with finding which of your landing pages convert the most and help increase your conversion rates.

Unbounce - Landing Page Builder

Unbounce – Landing Page Builder

6. Ahrefs

Ahrefs offers you a comprehensive set of search engine optimization (SEO) tools to help boost visibility of your website. You can check backlinks, and use their massive 150 million keyword database for competitive analysis.

You can also check your top pages, who is linking to your website and see where your content ranks. With Ahrefs Content Gap tool you can check where your site is lacking and increase your overall SEO score.

Ahrefs - SEO Tool

Ahrefs – SEO Tool

7. Semrush

While Semrush is regarded as an SEO tool it offers a wide range of digital marketing tools for competitive analysis.

With Semrush, you can analyze keywords used by your competitors, track position of your own keywords, do CRO and also explore new keywords to rank for. You can also build your social media strategy using Semrush and reach more prospects all the while spending less.

Semrush SEO and Marketing Tool

Semrush SEO and Marketing Tool

8. Optimizely

Optimizely lets you experiment with your landing pages and take data-driven decisions on improvement. Optimizely allows you to run experiments using different segments of your audiences. This no-code platform helps you fine tune site performance keeping even minor edits in check. You can measure improvements made with every edit and fallback when required.

With custom targeting, built-in templates, a visual editor and robust A/B testing built-in, this UX Optimization tool can help even the most novice of UX designers.



9. Hotjar

Hotjar gives you a visual representation of visitors of your website. You can check their on-site behavior and actions in real-time. Using heatmaps you can check where users are clicking and moving through your website. With heatmaps, you can see actual video recordings of visitors moving through your site and optimize the journey accordingly.

Hotjar - User Analytics

Hotjar – User Analytics

10. Typeform

Typeform lets you create stylish no-code forms with a simple editor and customizable templates. Typeform allows you to add forms, quizzes, surveys and polls to your website with a more conversational tone. Its easy to use editor and templates helps you get started within minutes without any coding required.

You can easily integrate with over 200 services including Mailchimp to build your email list, google sheets for analysis.

Typeform - Form Builder

Typeform – Form Builder

11. Canva

Canva is a easy to use design tool, helping you build campaigns with its visual editor. It has a huge repository of designs which you can embed in your campaigns and edit using their drag-drop builder. Canva also provides animated GIFs, videos and templates which you can build-on.

Moreover, you don’t need to have any background in design to be able to use Canva. With its huge collection of designs, images and templates, anyone can get started with their campaigns.

Canva - Visual Designer

Canva – Visual Designer

12. Loom

Loom is a powerful video customization tool to build product walkthroughs, webinars, tutorials and connect with your team with videos. Loom allows you to record videos using your screen and laptop or mobile cameras. You can use it to add a small non-obtrusive overlay of your face to personalize your content.

With most meetings going online over the last couple of years, Loom can help you pre-record sessions and share them with your prospective customers reducing time spent in personalizing for each meeting.

Loom - Video Editor And Recorder

Loom – Video Editor And Recorder

Loom - Video Editor And Recorder

Loom – Video Editor And Recorder

13. Slack

Marketers use Slack everyday. It is the go to team communication tool, to help discuss clients, campaigns, new projects and send messages.

With Slack, you can form channels where your entire digital marketing department can communicate with each other. You can use chat and video conferencing as well and it allows file uploads for easy collaboration.



14. ConvertKit

ConvertKit lets you build email journeys for your customers right from within its dashboard. With its powerful audience segmentation features, you can create complex automated email journeys based on user behavior and triggers. All links within the email campaigns are tracked and you can get the reports within their dashboard.

You can also add email opt-in forms within your webpages, articles and send them to your favorite CRM tool. ConvertKit is a handy email marketing tool with advanced segmentation and automation features all the while being cost-effective.

ConvertKit - Content Marketing

ConvertKit – Content Marketing

15. BuzzSumo

With the advent of influencer marketing, one tool has taken the world by storm. BuzzSumo is a unique digital marketing tool which allows you to identify influencers in your domain and also connect with them. You can check what’s trending, create evergreen content around it and compare it with your niche.

BuzzSumo - Content Marketing

BuzzSumo – Content Marketing

With its unique proposition, Buzzsumo helps you understand what content works in your domain, compare it with what your competitors are doing for the same topics and track performance.

Although we have tried to include most of the tools we ourselves use and others marketers recommend, there are few other honorable mentioned.

MailChimp is a great email marketing tool to automate your digital campaigns. You can easily create personalized campaigns and get insights into your campaigns right from their dashboard. There are pre-built automations ready to use which makes reaching the right audience easier.

Trello is another content management tool which helps you organize thoughts and collaborate with your team. Trello allows you to create cards to which multiple team members can be assigned and then work together. You can use access your tasks and communicate from anywhere in the world, making it a great tool for remote work.

Proof is a social proof tool which connects with your CRM and website to boost conversions. It helps in implementing social proof messages (“10 people are reading this post right now”), get product reviews among other features.

Asana is a collaborative project management system with emphasis on visual representation of tasks and progress. You can easily map out deadlines and assign priority to tasks. You can choose which team members are assigned which tasks and also check their progress.

Abhinav Pathak