Boost App Installs using Web Push Notifications

Boost App Install Rate using Push Notifications from your Website

Boost App Install Rate using Push Notifications from your Website

You already have great traffic on your website. Now you have built a new app and want your mobile users to install the app for a better user experience. In this article, we are going to tell you how to increase app installs using web push notifications.

User acquisition is the biggest challenge for any new channel. Given that you have already built an audience on your website, using web push you can easily translate that to app installations. All it needs is an effective onboarding strategy, proper segmentation and an easy transition from the site to the app install.

Here are 4 Strategies for Boosting App Installs using your Website:

Proper Segmentation

App install prompts should only be shown to your mobile users. Sending push notifications to desktop users to install your app can be counterproductive.

Build an automated sequence of notifications for your mobile subscribers educating them of the benefits of the app and target the App Store install page directly with your notifications.

App Exclusive Offers

Another way to boost app installs through both desktop and mobile users is to offer an exclusive code to install the app. This notification can be sent to users of both kinds of devices.

Exclusive App Install Offer - Push Notification Template

Exclusive App Install Offer – Push Notification Template

Once the user subscribes to push notifications on their device, you can send an excusive app-only discount code. The notification CTA should lead them directly to the respective app store to download and install the app. This will greatly improve your app installation rate without any marketing investment.

Another way to boost app installs is to offer an app specific loyalty program. Users who purchase from the app get a percentage of their purchase back as loyalty points in their app wallet. These points can then be cashed as free shipping, coupons or even direct discounts on their next purchase. You can explain the earning which subscribers can make by shopping on the app and encourage them to download.

Loyalty Points on App Purchase - Web Push Playbook

Loyalty Points on App Purchase – Web Push Playbook

Highlighting App Benefits

After the purchase process you can highlight the benefits of the app, like real-time order tracking to entice users to download the app.

Your users would be happy to install the app since they can get regular updates and this also enforces trust in your brand.

Order Updates on App to boost Installs

Order Updates on App to boost Installs

App Reviews

Getting the user to install an app is just one step of the funnel. We also need to ask the user to review the app. Apps with more reviews and better ratings also come up higher in app store search results. Moreover, users always look into the reviews before installing any app.

Target regular customers with the app install prompts and notifications, and once done ask them for feedback on the app store. This would significantly improve your rating and in turn search presence. Both of which will inherently improve your app store ranking and installs.

Building an owned audience can help you with cross channel conversions. You can setup automated campaigns to get users to use the app and review it later through drip campaigns. Now that you have a playbook on app installs using web push notifications, its time to start boosting your subscription rate using our proven methods.

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