Web Push Notification

Target Firefox, Chrome mobile and desktop users via Push Notifications

Increase reach, re-target users with Push Notifications on desktop and mobile in just 2 mins.


Connect to Users Directly

Send notifications to your users in real-time and get them engaged with personalized content.

High CTR

Drive more traffic with your existing user-base by getting them engaged at the right time, up to 10X better than email.

Target Audience

With audience targeting, custom segments you can get better CTR, meaningful engagement with higher conversion.

Engage Mobile Users

Create an audience on Mobile without need for a separate app, leverage your current Desktop/Mobile website.

Re-engage Users

Bring your users back with relevant content new offers, news, events for improved sales.

Offline Notifications

Your users will get instantly notified even when they are not on your website, on both desktop and mobile (just like a native app)


PushAlert is a cross platform service which supports all browsers that support Push Notifications.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Computer (Windows, OS X, Linux) and mobile/tablet devices (Android)


Computer (OS X - Coming Soon)


Computer (Windows, OS X, Linux) and mobile/tablet devices (Android)



Easy to Setup

In 2 Minutes you can be all set, just choose where you want to integrate PushAlert, add a code to your site and start getting subscribers.


You can create segments for your audience anyway you like, helping you personalize notifications for higher CTR.

A/B Notification

With A/B testing we determine the most engaging notification format/content from a part of your subscriber base to get maximum conversion, drive sales.

1-Click Subscribe

No redirection or annoying popups for subscribing to notifications, resulting in higher opt-in and better user experience.

Audience Targeting

Along with creating segments, you can also target subscribers in a particular location, using a specific browser or device.

Pro Stats

We analyse your subscribers based on browser, devices they use and the best time to engage with them.


Complete freedom to integrate PushAlert on HTTP and HTTPS websites, including option to setup on custom HTTPS domains.

Schedule Notification

Notify subscribers of an upcoming sale, offer, article by scheduling it in advance.


Fully featured JavaScript and REST APIs to leverage your own user data to target audiences.

RSS Push

You can send a single notification which redirects to a custom newsletter for chosen content, so users don’t seem spammed with multiple notifications.

Push via Email

You can automate notifications through an email. No need to login, no need to write code, just an email to send a notification.

24/7 Support

Help is just an email away with free 24/7 support on every account.

Don't Wait. Engage Your Users Now.