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Note: You need to allow 'Show notifications' permission.

How Push Notifications Work

More Use Cases

How Push Notifications Work

Getting Subscribers

Once you integrate PushAlert in your website (HTTP or HTTPS), visitors will be shown a prompt to subscribe to your notifications. When they click on Allow, we register the endpoint which is based on the browser, no personal information is collected here, resulting in higher opt-ins.

Getting Subscribers

Sending Notification

Now you are ready to send your first notification. Just login to your PushAlert Dashboard and compose a new notification. Click on send and let us do the hard work.

Send Notification

Re-engaging Users

Your subscribers will receive the notification in real time, even if they are not on your website, your website tab is closed on the browser or even if it is running in the background.

Re-engage Users

Or when they boot-up their laptop/desktop the next time.

Your subscribers will automatically get the notification the next time they power on their PC, Laptop.

Reach even when user is not on your website

Mobile Users

Web Push Notifications work on smartphones as well. You can send a notification directly to your mobile visitors without any app. This creates a great opportunity for getting higher conversions and re-engaging users.

Android Native Notifications

Better Revenue/Sales and Reach

When a user clicks on a notification they will be sent directly to your website. You can also make use of Call-to-Action buttons to boost engagement by up to 4X.

Increase Reach, Revenue and Sales

Now What?

It's time to study. Just kidding. But if you dive a little into PushAlert's Pro Analytics you can learn when your notifications get the most engagement or which fetched better CTR. There are several advanced features like A/B Testing, Audience Creator and Segmentation which you can learn more about from our blog.

Tools for Re-engagement and Re-marketing

Browsers Supported

Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Samsung Internet Browser, Android Browser, Microsoft Edge, Safari (macOS Only) on both mobile and desktop.

Browsers Supported

Increase Reach, Revenue, Re-target Users Now.