Get Started with Web Push Notifications using PushAlert in just 2 minutes

PushAlert provides you a simple way to send Firefox and Chrome browser push notifications to mobile and desktop users, even when they’re not on your website or browser is closed. It also provides other features which can increase your reach as well as user engagement – A/B Notifications, Segmentation, RSS Push, Welcome Notification, Email Push, Advanced Targeting and several others. Here is how you can start sending push notifications in just 2 minutes without the need of any coding knowledge:

  1. Register at PushAlert for free with basic details and confirm your account.Signup for Free at PushAlert
  2. Log in to your account and add your website details like URL, default title & icon (192×192 pixels).PushAlert - Initial Setup for Browser Push Notifications
  3. Then the integration guide will be shown on the next page. Just upload the required files (in case of your own HTTPS website) and copy the JS code to your website.Web Push Intergration Final Step

That’s it, now you can re-engage users and increase your reach by sending notifications to your website users.

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Mohit Kuldeep

Co-Founder @InkWired @PushAlertCo, studied at IIT Delhi, love to code. Tea over coffee, enjoy playing Cricket, listening to music.