Announcing AMP Web Push Notifications

AMP Web Push Notifications

AMP Web Push Notifications

We are happy to announce that PushAlert now supports Web Push on AMP enabled websites. You get the same fast loading websites that appear at the top of search results and also grow your audience with push notifications.

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages, makes webpages load faster on mobile devices. The AMP team at Google has created a spec which adds constraints on what capabilities are supported on AMP pages. Web push has been added to that spec and we have enabled it for our customers.

Great news for publishers

Most early adopters of AMP have been news publishers and they would benefit greatly with support for AMP Web Push. You can easily add a subscription button at the end of an article for visitors to subscribe to notifications. You can always re-engage with this audience and convert them into regular readers.

How does AMP Web Push work?

You can get started with integrating AMP Web Push by reading our documentation. At present, AMP web push is only supported on Android platform. Web push notifications are soon expected to come to iOS as well, keep watching the linked article for updates.

Here is our AMP Web Push demo to show how everything comes together.

Only for HTTPS websites

At present, we have enabled AMP Web Push for HTTPS websites only. We are working to enable it for HTTP websites as well. We will update this article and our documentation accordingly.

As always, reach out to us if you run into any issues or need help in getting AMP web push on your website.

Mohit Kuldeep

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