Complete Guide To Marketing Automation With Web Push Notifications


Marketing Automation Funnel Using PushAlert Web Push

Building a framework for Marketing Automation is the key to its success and aligning it with your conversion funnel. Although not a part of the basic funnel, user retention, is often ignored. This is where web push notifications can play a major role, giving you a better conversion rate.

A Basic Conversion Funnel

While creating a sequence for your visitors, you must assign the campaign to the correct stage in the conversion funnel. Essentially we can break down a funnel into 4 steps, starting with:

  • Discovery
  • Engagement
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

A Basic Conversion Funnel

Now, if we break down the basic funnel. The entire process begins with:

  1. Marketing campaigns and market research
  2. Engagement and introduction to product positioning
  3. Providing product information, reviews, social proof
  4. Proving that your product is the best in the market
  5. Finally, the sales transaction

The goal of marketing is not only to bring leads, and maximize conversion, but also to minimize drop-off at every stage. To design a Web Push Automation campaign, the first step is to piece together a user flow. It is a series of steps the user has to go through before they are converted into a paying customer.

Once you have these logical steps in order, it’s time to segment your users and drive engagement, which will return in sales. If you put in the work in the early stages, there will be huge rewards at the end. Once the user-flow analysis is complete, and we have a definite visual on customer behavior and the user experience throughout the stages of the funnel, it is time to lay down the automation plan. But do remember, this is an evolutionary process which needs to be revisited every so often to fine tune the steps, based on, the conversion we get, any bugs which may arise, and understanding the pain points of the customer.

Marketing Automation with Web Push Notifications

Paying constant attention to the needs of each and every user who comes to your website, manually, is simply impossible. This is where automation comes in and helps reduce churn. To start with automation, you need to define the steps which help in moving prospective clients through the funnel.

With PushAlert Funnel Automation, you can discretely define the steps with the help of URLs, that users land and travel through leading to a conversion. To define various stages, you have the option of providing URLs which the user has either visited or not visited.


PushAlert Conversion Funnel Automation

Consider that you want to engage with users who bounced from the landing page without any further engagement. So, we can target them by defining the landing page as the first URL that was visited, while we can set the next URL in the sequence as not visited. In this way, we can isolate users at each step, or those who have completed multiple steps of the funnel.

Once we have our steps formally organized, we can then set additional constraints such as the country where the user resides or the devices they were using. Then comes the duration after which we want to re-engage with the user. If we try to engage too soon, there is a higher chance of abandonment while if we try to reach out very late, then the lead may go cold. This is where previous knowledge, analytics, and constant fine tuning comes in. You can set the time after which the automated notification should fire.

Next, configure the notification with a Title, Message and target URL for this step of the funnel. You can also customize the image for the notification. That is it, now the notification will automatically fire and try to get the user back into the funnel, right where they left off.

Test and Refine

It is important to understand that there is no “perfect” strategy. It is important to get the ball rolling, study the copy for each stage of the funnel, and keep refining it.

Automated conversion funnels are available on our Premium and Platinum plans, you can check more details here. To learn more about creating a conversion funnel and automation have a look at our documentation on the topic.

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