New Easter Popup Templates To Help You Get The Most Of This Holiday Season

New Easter Popup Templates - OnSite Messaging

New Easter Popup Templates – OnSite Messaging

We are well into Spring and it’s time to get started with the two of the biggest dates of the year. Easter and Mother’s day. Today we are launching new Easter templates to help you get a jump on your marketing this season.

Popups are the best way to reach out to your prospective customers and get their immediate attention.

Here are 5 new Easter popup templates/campaigns designed specifically for these season to help you boost sales.

Get New Leads

Easter is a great time to build your list and boost overall site engagement with the right campaigns. Email outreach still outstrips any other form of communication when it comes to seasonal sales.

Generate Leads This Easter - Popup Template

Generate Leads This Easter – Popup Template

Here’s a new Easter template to get users to sign up for your website with a promise of a discount coupon. The popup quietly sits at the bottom of your website featuring a holiday theme and customizable colors.

Gamify your site with this Easter themed Spin-to-Win Campaign

Drive more engagement by adding a fun element to your site. The easiest way is a Spin-to-Win campaign with specific offers. It is similar to getting leads by offering a discount coupon but adds an element of chance making it more interactive. On Average PushAlert’s gamified popups tend to have over 12.5% conversion rate, more than twice that of standard email popups.

Spin The Wheel - Easter Template

Spin The Wheel – Easter Template

The new Easter themed Spin the Wheel campaign is specifically designed keeping the holiday in mind and can be customized to match your site’s theme.

Special Offers or Gifts – Promote your seasonal sale

Multiple Offer Popup - Easter Template

Multiple Offer Popup – Easter Template

This is a brilliant new popup designed specifically for this season. Using the new Easter Gift popup you can offer your customers special discount on specific categories on your website. Users can choose from the categories available and get a special discount coupon.

This ready-to-use gift template is an easy way to include multiple offers without confusing customers and boosting conversions in the process.

Easter Hamper Popup Template

Easter Hamper Popup Template

The next popup template helps you increase average order value by offering a gift hamper on ordering before a specific date. You can customize this template by offering customers a free gift, discount coupon or free shipping by increasing their cart value.

Easter Sale Popup Template

Easter Sale Popup Template

Promote this seasonal sale with special popups, these clearly indicate there is an exclusive deal for your new and returning customers.

Countdown Timer

Countdown Timers can work wonders for seasonal events. Given that these dynamic popups immediately capture your customers’ attention, you can use that to instill a sense of urgency to get users to sign up for your offers.

Countdown Timer Easter Template

Countdown Timer Easter Template

Moreover, you can also use the countdown timer popup template to your advantage by instilling a sense of FOMO before the sales end.

Cross Sell or Promote Products

Easter is a great time to boost cart value by cross-selling other product categories or even promoting some overlooked products on the site.

Clearance Sale Popup Template - Easter Campaign

Clearance Sale Popup Template – Easter Campaign

You can easily boost conversions by offering a clearance sale on the site pre-easter to sell-off old inventory to make may for new Spring line-up.

Easter Cross-sell Popup Campaign

Easter Cross-sell Popup Campaign

Cross-selling products is another way to improve AOV. People are looking for gifts during this season, and such recommendations would not only increase sales but also make your customer’s shopping experience better.

All these new templates are already available on your dashboard. Just click on Create Campaign and you will see the Easter templates right up top. Register now for a 15-day free trial and test out all the new templates.

Abhinav Pathak