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Send Web Push Notifications Through Email in 3 Easy Steps

Did you know that you can easily send push notifications to Chrome and Firefox browsers by just sending an email? No need to login to your Dashboard, all you need is access to your email and the rest will be handled by PushAlert. Here are the steps to send a customized Push Notification using any email address: You need to keep the PushAlert Email [...]

Web Push Notifications – Dos and Don’ts

Web Push Notifications offer you a direct connection to your customer, especially on mobile devices. Therefore, you have to exercise greater control while sending out notifications when compared to emails and other traditional forms of marketing. At first, you may be tempted to push each and every offer / content to your subscribers but you need to [...]

What is segmentation, how to create and use segments to target particular users?

When you send a push notification, it gets delivered to all users - even those who may not be interested in the content or the sales pitch you are making. It's of vital importance to target users according to their interest. This is where segmentation plays a major role, using which you can group users on the basis of shared interest, geography, age, sex or [...]