Send Web Push Notifications Through Email in 3 Easy Steps


Did you know that you can easily send push notifications to Chrome and Firefox browsers by just sending an email? No need to login to your Dashboard, all you need is access to your email and the rest will be handled by PushAlert.


Here are the steps to send a customized Push Notification using any email address:

  1. You need to keep the PushAlert Email format saved in a Draft so that you always have access to it. You can find that in your PushAlert Dashboard under Send Notification -> Email Push.
  2. Another thing to keep a note of is your REST API key. Make this key the Subject of the email.
  3. The customized Title, Message, final URL and a custom notification Icon (optional) goes in the email body. That’s it, now just send the email to “


Just keep in mind the format of the email, your custom notification goes in the square brackets just as you can see in the image above and we will send the notification as soon as we receive your mail.

Backed by our powerful REST API, Email Push allows you to send Push Notifications to your subscribers from anywhere and from any device, without coding or logging into your account. This is the most convenient way of sending a quick update to all your subscribers.

Abhinav Pathak

Abhinav Pathak

Co-founder @InkWired, @PushAlertCo. Love to eat, read and code. Have developed a newfound interest in mobile technology and digital marketing.
Abhinav Pathak