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Happy Holidays, Multiple Websites, Audience Creator and Huge Discount

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Now, before you go all lazy with a delicious home-cooked meal there are a few neat additions we have made to PushAlert and the Holiday Sale to have a look at. Audience Creator This is one of the biggest additions we have made to PushAlert since launch. With Audience Creator you will be able [...]

PushAlert Adds Support For Opera Web Push Notifications

In a continuing effort of keeping PushAlert ahead of the curve, we are bringing Opera support. The support for Opera Mobile (v37+) and Desktop (v42+) Web Push Notifications has been included with the latest update to our API and is currently rolling out to all our users. The user experience will be similar to notifications on Firefox or Chrome. With [...]

Introducing Call-to-Action buttons for Web Push Notifications

It's great to have choices in life. How many times have you thought about providing more actionable content with your campaign to drive better conversions? With our Notification Action Buttons, you will be able to provide up to 3 Call To Actions (CTA) - 1 default notification click, 2 buttons for notification actions - in just a single [...]