Product Updates: Microsoft Edge & UC Browser Support, AMP Web Push Notifications and Separate Mobile Opt-ins

Microsoft Edge & UC Browser Support, AMP Web Push Notifications and Separate Mobile Opt-ins

Microsoft Edge & UC Browser Support, AMP Web Push Notifications and Separate Mobile Opt-in Themes

Over the last month we have added support for 2 more browsers, AMP push notifications and also an option to separately customize the mobile opt-in experience. I am glad to announce that PushAlert is now the first web push service that supports Microsoft Edge on both Windows and Android, and UC Browser on Android.

Microsoft Edge and UC Browser Web Push Notifications

Being the default browser on Windows, Microsoft Edge has the potential to grow its userbase faster than other browsers and UC Browser is a popular option on mobile. As always, we are first to enable web push on these browsers as soon as they started supporting push notifications.

With these new browsers, PushAlert now supports Web Push on:

  • Chrome – Desktop & Mobile
  • Firefox – Desktop & Mobile
  • Safari – Desktop
  • Edge – Desktop and Mobile
  • Opera – Desktop and Mobile
  • Samsung Internet Browser – Mobile
  • UC Browser – Mobile

Read More on Microsoft Edge support here and UC Browser here.

AMP Web Push Notifications

Coming to AMP push notifications, we have added the required support for the AMP web push extension and you can now configure it from the Integrate section on your account. It requires a few file uploads to your server and is currently enabled for HTTPS websites only. Once you upload the files to your server, just head to Settings > Website and save your settings once to enable AMP Web Push. More details here.

New Separate Mobile Opt-in Themes

We have now introduced a separately customizable mobile opt-in. Till now you were able to use the same theme on Desktop and Mobile devices. Now, when you head into Settings > Opt-in box, you will see the option to Enable Separate Mobile Opt-in. Once done, you will be able to customize the opt-ins for both devices separately. This gives you a more intelligent way to reach out to customers on mobile devices. Check out the benefits of using a mobile specific opt-in strategy here.

As always, you don’t have to make any changes on your website. All these updates are already available on your account. If you need more information about these features, please reach out to us by email or chat.

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