New Updates: Copy/Draft Push Notifications, Scheduled A/B Testing, New options in Audience Creator

Product Updates - Copy/Draft Push Notifications, Scheduled A/B Testing, New options in Audience Creator

Product Updates – Copy/Draft Push Notifications, Scheduled A/B Testing, New options in Audience Creator

With the holiday season fast approaching, we have made some significant strides in adding relevant features and also improving on performance. Recently we launched the option to copy notifications or save them as drafts to be used as templates.

Then there are several key additions to A/B testing web push notifications along with Audience Creator segmentation. Let’s review the new updates is a bit more detail.

Copy & Draft Notifications

You can now copy any previously sent notification or save a notification as a draft as well. This gives you the opportunity to brain storm before sending it out and also create templates for the upcoming busy holiday season. More information on copy and draft push notifications here.

With drafts you can also save notifications as templates and create copies while sending them out. Then there’s the campaign manager which helps you keep a track of all notifications sent and their performance on a day to day basis.

Audience Creator – Dynamic Segmentation

We have added some more options to the Audience Creator segmentation. You can now target subscribers based on their subscription date as well. Consider that you want to target all visitors who subscribed on 21st October when you were running a specific campaign. You can now achieve that with the subscription date option where you can choose a specific date, or within a specific time-frame.

We have also added a Language parameter for audience segmentation. You can now send specific language based notifications using dynamic segmentation.

Scheduled A/B Testing

You can now schedule A/B Testing notifications in advance as well. So apart from selecting a specific Audience to A/B Test on, you can now schedule them to be sent at a specific date and time as well.

Scheduled Timezone Based Notifications

Although introduced in our last update, scheduled timezone based notifications have been further improved. Our intelligent top-timezones now factor in activity along with total subscribers in that timezone.

Performance and Improved Analytics

There are a ton of performance improvements under the hood as well, starting with improved analytics performance and even faster sending than before.

You can now also track day-to-day performance of notifications using Campaign Manager.The dashboard has been made faster to work as well and we are working on adding further improvements to the front-end.

In our next update we are planning to roll out Analytics export. It is currently being tested with some of our partners, if you want to join the beta test, please reach out to your account manager. As always, please keep the feedback coming in and any feature requests as well.

Abhinav Pathak

Abhinav Pathak

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Abhinav Pathak