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Intelligent Timezone Scheduling with Top Timezones

Timezone Scheduling - Intelligent Delivery

In today's global landscape, your subscribers are bound to be spread across different countries and timezones. Therefore it becomes imperative to reach those subscribers at a time when they would be active.

This is where Timezone Scheduling comes into play. With timezone based scheduling, you can set a single time as to when the notification is supposed to go out and we handle the intricacies. For example, if you schedule a notification to go out at 5:00 PM, it will be sent when the clock strikes 5:00 PM in your subscriber's timezone.

Notification Scheduling

To make things a bit clearer, let us first understand notification scheduling. When you schedule a notification from our dashboard, the time and date are set based on your local time. The timezone from where you can accessing the account.

Whether you are setting up one time schedule, multiple dates or recurring notifications, all are set in your local timezone.

Timezone Scheduling

Timezone scheduling differs in the way that the notifications are sent based on the subscriber's timezone, not your local timezone. So, if you are in London and you set a timezone scheduled notification to go out at 5:00PM. The notification will begin sending when it is 5:00 PM in any of your subscriber's timezone, which can be both before or after the clock strikes 5:00 PM in London.

If in a certain timezone, 5:00 PM has already passed before you scheduled the notification, then the notification will be delivered at 5:00 PM the next day.

Top Timezones

Now, apart from the default time for all timezones, PushAlert also provides Intelligent Top Timezones.

  • These are the timezones where your subscribers are mostly concentrated, so that you can fine-tune the send time here.
  • You can set a different time for the notification to be sent to these top timezones, allowing you more granular control over delivery time.
  • Any timezone not mentioned in the Top Timezone list will use the default time you set for Timezone Scheduling.