Why you should use Browser Push Notifications and its advantages

Web push notifications, also known as browser push notifications are messages that are sent from a website to the browser on both desktop or mobile devices. Subscribers will get your notifications even when they are not on your website. These work in real-time and give you a new way to re-engage customers who are already using your website without the need of any personal details like email, name or other contact details.

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Why should you use Web Push Notifications? What are the advantages:

  • Instant Notification: No need to wait for the user to check emails or even be on your website, they’re delivered right on the desktop on a PC and as a separate notification on mobiles and tablets.
  • No Mobile App Required: Push Notifications on Chrome, as well as Firefox, work exactly the same as native notifications which are sent by apps on your phone. So, there’s no need to manage a separate mobile app, which saves both development and maintenance cost as well as time.
  • Higher Opt-ins: Since browser push notifications don’t require any personal details like name, email or other contact information and users can unsubscribe at any time instantly, the opt-ins for web push notifications are higher than email subscriptions and SMS.
  • Broader Reach: Safari, Chrome, and Firefox have a combined market share of more than 75%, meaning, web push notifications have a higher reach and in future, more browsers will add support.
  • Higher CTR: Drive more traffic with your existing user-base by getting them engaged at the right time, up to 10 times better than email.
  • Not just for the retail industry: Push notifications are not just meant for e-commerce platforms or for sending promotional content. They can be used, to send out alerts or urgent messages about your service – say – weather/traffic information if you are a travel agency, pending bills, by news publishing sites to send relevant content, by entertainment sites to push related content (a video, images) on a current story or simply anything that’s interesting and relevant to users.

Which browsers support Web Push Notifications?

Push Notifications - Chrome, Safari, Firefox

  • Chrome 42+ (Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android) – 66%+ Market Share
  • Firefox 44+ (Windows, MacOS and Linux), Firefox 48+ (Android) – 15%+ Market Share
  • Safari 7.0.3+ (Only MacOS) – 5%+ Market Share

Web Push Notifications give you direct reach to your users, they don’t end up in spam filters and have a much higher click-through rate than email. But that being said, you shouldn’t bombard users with notifications, that would cause abandonment, instead try to connect with what the users want and at what time which you can judge through PushAlert’s advanced analytics.

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