Product Update: Introducing Abandoned Cart Drip Notifications

Cart Abandoned Drip Push Notification

Cart Abandoned Drip Push Notification

Today we are bringing the drip campaign over to Abandoned Cart notifications for Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and other eCommerce platforms. This has been in testing since the last quarter and our initial roll-out partners have witnessed a 30% increase in revenue with a 3-stage abandoned cart drip spread over 3 days.

Similar to our Welcome Drip campaign which rolled out back in August, the Abandoned Cart drip campaign will send a series of notifications to recover an abandoned cart based on the schedule you choose. For example 1st notification after an hour, then another after 24 hours and another after 48 hours. The campaign is automatically paused if there is a conversion.

If you have already been using our Abandoned Drip notifications, please click on the “Switch to Abandoned Drip” from the respective automation section for your e-commerce portal. The update is being rolled out gradually and should be available across all accounts by next week.

Setting up Abandoned Cart Drip Notifications

PushAlert - Abandoned Cart Drip Campaign

PushAlert – Abandoned Cart Drip Campaign

  1. After you switch to abandoned cart drip, you will see a single notification in the Abandoned Checkout section with a time and Add button below it.
  2. You can click on the green Edit button to change the content of the notification, you can even add a large image to the notification.
  3. Save the notification and then set a time at which it should go out after a user abandons a cart.
  4. Now, click on Add for the next notification in the series.
  5. Similarly, click on the green edit button, change the text according to your requirement. You can also offer a discount for more chances of conversion or increase the sense of urgency by telling that the product may go out of stock soon.
  6. Save the second notification and assign it a time at which it should go out after the first notification. Please use a recommended difference of at least 2 hours between drip notifications.
  7. That’s it, you can similarly add more notifications to the drip campaign.
  8. Make sure, the drip is enabled and then click on Save at the bottom.

Abandoned Cart Drip Campaigns with Web Push Notifications

We have already shared some tips on how to recover abandoned carts with web push notifications along with some ecommerce specific web push templates.

We would love to share our recommendation, best practices and optimization tips for the new abandoned drip campaigns. Please reach out to your account manager or start a chat from your dashboard. Don’t forget to share your feedback on the service.

Abandoned cart drip campaigns are available on premium plan onwards, please talk to our sales team on chat or via email to know more.

Abhinav Pathak

Abhinav Pathak

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