Server Upgrades and all the New Features Now Available on PushAlert


If you have been following us on Twitter, you would know that we have been constantly upgrading our service over the last month. The recent updates came with our server being moved to the highly scalable Google Cloud Platform. Now, we are leveraging the might of both Amazon and Google in powering your web push notifications. Latency has seen a 5X drop from our previous server and we have also made a lot of improvements in how fast notifications are delivered.

Along with the boost in overall capacity, we are now handling millions of notifications and we are happy to announce that the features that you had requested are now available to all our customers.

Starting with the most recent development, we have removed the restriction on image resolution for a notification but the size for the image should still be under 3 megabytes. Notifications are now sent quicker thanks to the boosted capacity and delivered quicker as well. Earlier we had also introduced Opt-in box customization which has also seen a tremendous response by boosting subscriptions and also adding that extra bit of customization for multilingual websites.


Last month, we also added the ability to customize the entire subscription process in your language along with the widget text. The next step we are working is to provide more direct customization right from your website for individual pages or subdomains, without the need to make changes on the PushAlert dashboard.

We also introduced Safari support which opens your notification campaign to a new audience. Audience Creator too has been improved over its first iteration and can now pinpoint subscribers based on multiple rules. Analytics has also seen major improvements with the inclusion of Geo-location which let you identify the regions where your subscribers are most active, so that you can create targeted content for better conversions. We also centralized our documentation so that it becomes easier for you to find all the information about our APIs, Integration easily. There are a lot of guides on setting up push notifications for different CMS available there too.

Given the developments in the last month, PushAlert Web Push now supports all major browsers on both Desktop and Android. We are continually working on making the service better and would love to get your feedback on all the new features we have implemented. Do fill the survey here to let us know how we are doing.

Abhinav Pathak

Abhinav Pathak

Co-founder @InkWired, @PushAlertCo. Love to eat, read and code. Have developed a newfound interest in mobile technology and digital marketing.
Abhinav Pathak