Customize PushAlert In Your Language


Thanks for all the wonderful feedback emails, those really helped our team in figuringĀ out how we could make PushAlert better. One common thread we found in those emails was the ability to customize the subscription process in a specific language or with custom text. Our team took the challenge and understood that it would be more engaging for your website visitors if the push notification subscription process was more customizable, so today we are taking a step in that direction with Customized Strings setting in PushAlert.

With the new Customized Strings option, you will be able to change all the default text that your subscribers see to any text you require. You can change all the text on buttons, widgets, popups that are shown during the subscription process. This also lets you add custom text based on your website language.

Just head over to your Website Dashboad > Settings > Customized Strings.

We would love to hear your feedback on the new feature, and this is just a precursor to our localization efforts, which we are working on currently. There are a lot of new features that we have added recently to PushAlert and it would surely be worth your while to take a look at them:

Mohit Kuldeep

Co-Founder @InkWired @PushAlertCo, studied at IIT Delhi, love to code. Tea over coffee, enjoy playing Cricket, listening to music.