List of Sub-processors

Effective Date
October 1, 2021

Sub-processors are third-party businesses engaged by a processor for performing data processing on behalf of a controller. According to the GDPR, these companies are also accountable for protection of an individual's personal data. Data protection obligations of sub-processors are to be established by way of contract or other legal acts under the Union or Member State law. This includes providing sufficient guarantees to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures as specified in the regulation.

PushAlert uses sub-processors (listed below), to assist in providing services as described in our Subscription Agreement or a similar services agreement customers may have signed with us.


PushAlert partners with organizations, that like itself adhere to global standards and regulations. Apart from evaluation for technical requirements, PushAlert ensures examination of data protection measures, compliance with PushAlert's security requirements and security audit reports before close of contract. Initial agreements include review and approval of - provision for breach notification in the event of unwarranted data incidents, and necessary security measures for data protection.


As part of PushAlert's revised Subscription Agreement & Privacy Policy for compliance, PushAlert provides all EU customers a data processing addendum (DPA) that covers its obligations under the GDPR. You can find our DPA here. It automatically applies to processing of EU personal data and no additional paperwork is required in this regard.

PushAlert commits to keep this list updated regularly, to enable Controllers stay informed of the scope of sub-processing associated with PushAlert services.

List of Sub-processors

PushAlert utilises both infrastructure and services specific vendors to provide product and services to it's Controllers (PushAlert customers) and end-users. The following is an up-to-date list (as of 1st October 2021) of names and purpose of PushAlert sub-processors and 3rd-party vendors:




Google Cloud Platform

Primary cloud infrastructure provider for PushAlert, where all SaaS applications are hosted. Almost all data stored, processed and transmitted through PushAlert products and services resides on Google Cloud Platform data centers.

United States
European Economic Area


Mailgun is used as an email service provider to deliver programmatic and manual emails from the products. It is an email campaign service provider used to send notification emails to our Customers.

United States

Stripe, Inc.

Stripe is used as a primary payment processor for our services. They handle subscription and other form of payments for our services.

United States

2Checkout (Verifone)

2Checkout is used as a secondary payment processor for our services. They handle subscription and other form of payments for our services where Stripe is not available.

United States

Drift, Inc.

Drift provides chat support service, which is used for online messaging and resolving customer issues.

United States

Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd. - Desk

Zoho Desk provides us with support ticketing system using which our customers can report issues with the service or feature requests.

United States
European Economic Area


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