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Add PushAlert On-site Messaging to Any Website

Our On-site Messaging can be easily integrated on any HTTP and HTTPS websites with simple a simple JavaScript code. All popup customizations are handled here from our cloud platform. No changes are required on your website once the code is added.

Steps to add On-site messaging to any website

  • Step 1:

    Login to your PushAlert account and click on your website name on the On-site Messaging Dashboard.

  • Step 2:

    Head to the Integrate section from the left menu.

  • Step 3:

    Click on Universal (JavaScript) from the options on the right (default).

    Onsite Messaging Universal JavaScript Integration
  • Step 4:

    Copy the code from the Universal section and paste it just before the body tag ends </body>. The body section is generally inside the content section of your site's theme.

    Public HTML - Edit Site Content - Onsite Messaging


You will need FTP access to the server or you can also edit files from your site's cpanel. We always recommend creating a backup before making any changes.