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Scheduling Campaigns

After setting up a campaign, the next step is to plan it's start and duration. With our advanced scheduling you can setup a campaign to start based on a particular timezone, specific day of the week.

How to schedule a popup campaign?

Setting up the first schedule

By default, scheduling is disabled for a campaign. It goes live as soon as you enable it. But if you want it to start at a later time follow these steps:

  • Click on the ellipsis (3 dot menu) in the campaign you want to schedule.
  • Select Schedule from the menu.
  • Enable Schedule and you will see all options are now available.
  • By default, your current timezone will be selected, but if you want to schedule the campaign to start based on a different timezone, you can select it as well.
  • Define the Start Date and End Date for the campaign. If you would like to run the campaign indefinitely, please do not edit the edit date. If you do happen to edit the end date, delete the date to make it run indefinitely.

Advanced Scheduling

Now that you have learned to schedule a campaign, let's move onto some advanced settings.

By default, the campaign is set to run on all days of the week from the start date. But you can choose to run it on specific days of the week as well.

Here are the steps to schedule a popup campaign to run on specific days of the week at specific times:

  • Click on the All Days drop down and select
  • Choose the first day when you want to run the campaign, and set the start (From) and end (To) time.
  • Next, click on Add for more days of the week when you want to run the campaign. You can individually set the running duration for each day.