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Tracking On-site Messaging Events in Google Analytics

Make sure you have enabled Google Analytics integration in your PushAlert account.

Steps to view On-site Messaging events in Google Analytics

  • Step 1:

    Sign-in into your Google Analytics account.

  • Step 2:

    Head to the Behaviour > Events > Top Events section from the left menu.

    Google Analytics - Top Events
  • Step 3:

    Here you will find Event Category PushAlert Onsite Messaging.

    Event Category - PushAlert Onsite Messaging
  • Step 4:

    For Google Analytics events tracking, the following components are as follows:

    • Event Category: It is always set to "PushAlert Onsite Messaging".
    • Event Action: It can be "Views", "Emails" and "Clicks".
    • Event Label: It is the name of the associated Campaign.
  • Step 5:

    Now you can select a particular action and it will list all campaigns with total events and unique events count.

    Event Action - PushAlert Onsite Messaging