Add PushAlert On-site Messaging Using GTM Last updated: 2019-06-01

Don't want to make any changes to your website? You can also add the setup code to your website using Google Tag Manager (GTM).

Steps to add On-site messaging to your website using GTM (Google Tag Manager)

  • Step 1:

    Login to your PushAlert account and click on the website name where you want to add On-site Messaging Dashboard.

  • Step 2:

    Head to the Integrate section from the left menu.

  • Step 3:

    Click on Universal (JavaScript) from the options on the right.

    Onsite Messaging Universal JavaScript Integration
  • Step 4:

    Copy the code from the Universal section and head to Google Tag Manager (GTM).

  • Step 5:

    Login to your GTM account.

  • Step 6:

    Click on Add a new tag

    Add New Tag - Google Tag Manager - Onsite Messaging
  • Step 7:

    Click on Tag Configuration and scroll down to Custom HTML.

    Custom HTML Tag - GTM - Onsite Messaging
  • Step 8:

    Paste the code you copied earlier in the Custom HTML section.

    Edit Custom HTML Tag - GTM - Onsite Messaging
  • Step 9:

    Scroll down and click on Triggering.

  • Step 10:

    Click on + to add a new Trigger.

    Add New Trigger - GTM - Onsite Messaging
  • Step 11:

    Click on Trigger Configuration and select DOM Ready from the list. Give the trigger a name and save. The trigger is now setup. Add a name to your tag and save it.

    DOM Ready Trigger Configuration - GTM - Onsite Messaging
  • Step 12:

    Then click on Save and you are all set.