Documentation: Push Notifications Onsite Messaging REST API
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  2. GDPR & CCPA Compliance

Access Or Modify Your Data

PushAlert will comply with all Subject Access Requests (SAR) under GDPR or any information requests under the CCPA pursuant to our Privacy Policy. All users who use our service have the right to their data, and can ask for access, modification or deletion of such data.

To gain access to your data stored at PushAlert for a website you are subscribed to, please follow these steps:

  • Extract your Subs ID from the browser by following the steps mentioned here.
  • Send the Subs ID to us at
  • Our team would get in touch for due verification, and upon completion, provide your data stored at PushAlert.
  • If you wish to modify any data, please revert to the email sent by our team with your requirements.