Web Push Notifications on Squarespace
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Engage your Squarespace eCommerce store visitors with automated push notifications to boost orders and recover sales. Send personalized notifications to your customers about:

  • New Products
  • Price Drop / Sale
  • Offers and Product Recommendations
  • Abandoned Carts

Setting up Web Push Notifications for Squarespace

After you have signed up for a new account on PushAlert.co, head to the Dashboard and into the Integrate section. This setup works for both HTTP and HTTPS websites.

  • Here, you will find the Universal (JavaScript) integration code. Copy this code, and then login to your Squarespace account. PushAlert Universal Ingtegration Code
  • Click on Settings in the left sidebar menu. PushAlert Web Push Notifications for Squarespace Commerce
  • Then, choose Advanced > Code Injection.
  • Just add the integration code copied in Step 1 in the HEADER section and click on Save. Squarespace Push Notifications Native
  • That’s it, we are all set.
  • Due to limitations of the Squarespace platform native HTTPS setup is not possible, however you can use our self-hosted solution as described above.

For any advanced integration you can always reach out to us on support@pushalert.co.