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What is PushAlert?

PushAlert is a rich Web Push Notification service for both HTTP and HTTPS websites. We support all major desktop and mobile platforms, increasing your reach manifold. For developers, we have our REST API and Javascript API which lets you customize our service based on your requirements. The online Dashboard provides realtime analytics with in-depth look at important KPIs.

How does Web Push work?

Web Push notifications are small, clickable, targeted messages which are delivered right to your visitors' desktop or mobile device. These offer more than 10X the conversion compared to an email, moreover they have much higher opt-in rate. How do these actually work though?

It starts with getting a website visitor to subscribe to updates, that is done by triggering an opt-in box in the browser. Once the visitor presses the Allow button they are associated with your website, no email address or any other personal information required.

After getting some subscribers, you are ready to send a notification with a custom title, message as well as image. This is delivered directly to your visitors' device, even when they are not on your site. The clickable URL in the notification pulls back visitors to come to your site. We take care of all the underlying complexities of showing the opt-in to managing these subscribers, notification customization as well as provide you rich re-marketing tools, like Audience Creator to target the right audience.

Benefits of PushAlert over other services.

Easy Setup

Just add our integration code and start getting subscribers. Its a single step process. We have plugins for some of the most popular CMS like Wordpress and Joomla which automate integration.

Audience Creator, A/B Testing

PushAlert provides marketing tools like Audience Creator, A/B Testing, segmented targeting, localization as well as conversion tracking to take the guesswork out of your Push campaigns.

Real Time Analytics

You can check the performance of your notifications in real time, identify when your subscribers are most likely to click your notifications with Click Timing, and get detailed Geo-location analytics to determine user engagement across the world. Most of these features are not available on any service.

Extensive Developer Support

With our RESTful and JavaScript APIs, developers can customize our service to fit their requirements including custom event triggering.

Multiplatform Support

PushAlert Web Push notifications work on all major platforms and web browsers. It works on HTTP, HTTPS websites on both desktop and mobile devices.

Multilingual Support

Unlike other services, you can customize PushAlert for your visitors in your native or website language. Moreover, you can change language for different localized editions of your site.

PushAlert Website Dashboard

How to get started?

First, register for a free account at PushAlert and add the integration code based on the platform you use. Once you get some subscribers, you can start sending notifications from the Dashboard.

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