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Magento is one of the most popular open-source e-commerce platforms available today and it supports Web Push Notifications with PushAlert. The setup process is very easy with Magento, all you need is to add our code to the head section and instantly boost sales with targeted Push Notifications.

  • Login to the Administrator panel of your store.
  • Click on side-menu option - STORES, followed by Configuration. For older versions, proceed to System > Configuration.
  • You will land in the Store configuration section. Click on Design in the left bar.
  • Navigate to HTML Head section. Just scroll down to Miscellaneous Scripts section and paste the integration code you got during initial setup or copy it from the Integrate section of the PushAlert Dashboard.
  • After this click on Save Config to complete the process.
  • Once the changes are saved, you will be prompted to flush cache. Just click on Cache Management in the prompt.
  • Now click on the Flush Magento Cache button, wait for some time while the cache is cleared and that's it. The integration is now complete.

If you have a HTTPS website or are using a separate HTTPS domain/subdomain with PushAlert then you also need to copy the files listed in the Integrate section to the root directory of your Magento Store. The opt-in prompt will be automatically shown to your visitors on both desktop and mobile devices, opening your store to potential leads just waiting to be converted.