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Web Push Notifications on Joomla

Joomla powers millions of websites around the world and the easiest way to integrate web push notifications in it, is by using our plugin. Just enter the unique Website ID and visitors will be automatically prompted to subscribe.

Setting up PushAlert Joomla Plugin

  • Download the Joomla plugin from here and login to the Joomla Admin Panel.
  • Head to Extensions > Manage and straight into the Install. Here you will see the option for Upload Package File section, browse to the downloaded plugin zip file and click on Upload and Install. This may take a minute or so depending upon internet speed.
    PushAlert Joomla Extension Installation
  • Once the upload is successful, the plugin need to be configured. For that, go to the Extensions > Plugins section and search for Pushalert.
  • Click on the plugin name to go to the configuration page. Enter the unique Website ID which would be available in the PushAlert account under Dashboard > Integrate > Joomla section. Once you have copied the unique code, change the status to Enabled and click on Save.
    PushAlert Joomla Extension Configuration
  • Once activated, visitors will be able to see an opt-in box for notifications. You can customize the design, colors and text of the opt-in box from PushAlert Dashboard. These would be automatically reflected here.
    PushAlert HTTPS 1-Click Opt-in

What does the Joomla Plugin do?

  • It automates the Integration process with a script tag in the <head> section of the website with customized settings from the PushAlert Dashboard.
  • The integration code is loaded after the website has finished loading, therefore it doesn't have any affect on the performance of the website.
  • To send a notification, login to the PushAlert Dashboard. From there you can customize the title, message, image you want to send or schedule the notification for later.